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Isnin, 24 Oktober 2016



Dear AZ,

”The destiny of hard work is always success, you have done your hard work and got the succeed “.

“Indeed, success is delivered only to the deserving and I know that you had strive to make it!”

            A well congratulation to you AZ! Moga Allah berkati usia, ilmu dan amal kamu.

        Honestly, this post just for wish for your big graduation day! You never know that I write this special appreciation post just for you. Actually, I just want to say a well congratulation to you, AZ! This is the beginning on your journey. You have a lot more in front of you. Be wise not only in your education but also in your life instead. Maturity is not in your result in your examination, either the way your dress or behind your looks and personality. But, It’s how you talk, how you speak to others and how you behave. Be nice to others!

Finally, you’re doing great in your education achievement AZ. You’ve succeed to finish up on your studies! All your pain, sadness, hurt, feeling giving up, joy and happiness have been pay off today. You should really proud and be happy because today is your big day in your life. Enjoy the moment while you have the chance AZ! I know that now you are really happy with your family. Your dad and mom must really proud because they can see your achievement to get your Bachelor Degree. Don’t forget to repay all the sacrifice & kindness of your dad and mom have given to you. Remember that AZ!

Besides that, you should know that I really proud of you, AZ. I wish you know that I really support whatever you did for your life since we’re being a friends. But you never ever appreciate it. Moreover, you’re the one of my inspiration to succeed in my life. Yes, I really want to be like you. Being success in education, get good grades, get the good job and live for better life for sure! Even though sometimes that i feel that you really selfish because you only think about yourself and you never think about the others. But it’s okay. I don’t have the right to control or force you to make all your decision in your life. Because it’s depend on you to do everything that you really love and want in your life.

Anyways. Good luck in your career and life AZ. Thanks for everything AZ. I hope you happy for all you have done! *For sure you are happy right?:)*. Definitely, I will pray the best for you, no matter what I feel hurt and sad inside my heart. You never know how many times I struggle with myself while I’m in pain & hurt, feeling giving up on my life and sadness. No one know what I feel except Allah! No one will understand my feel and situation right now. All they can is only they will laugh at me because my mistakes. I just want you to know that, the smile that I use to wear before this, is not the same anymore. It’s gone forever…… it’s always makes me feel hurt…

Lastly, sorry for being bad to you and make a mess in your life. I’m really sorry! I don’t mean to do that. Whatever I have done to you before this just because I really loves you but I know that you never ever understand because you are really heartless!  I really hope that you will find the happiness that you’ve been looking for. Find someone or your soul mate that can make you happy and treat you better than me. Take care AZ. I will always miss you and the memory that we have created together…

                                                                                               24th October 2016
                                                                                             UiTM Selangor.