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Selasa, 4 Mei 2010

an unforgettable event in my life

hi all..actually i want to share with you all about my unforgettable memory in my life...last year,in the middle of december,i went to kedah..kedah actually is my parent hometown..so i went to the kedah to see my relatives while we are holiday too.i went to my father oldest brother home in Yan,Kedah..my uncle are very nice and kind person..so long time i dont see him..besides that,my uncle home is near paddy fields..so every morning after i breakfast..i always go to the paddy fields to see the paddy and the nice sight.i am very happy to go back in kedah because kedah is the best place to me to release out of my tension..almost five years i dont go back to he kedah..i am really miss my relatives and the food..in kedah,we can eat what ever we want to eat..such as mee udang,pasembur,tomyam seafood,laksa kedah and many other food..in kedah,i always eat ikan pekasam..ikan pekasam are very popular in kedah..ikan pekasam are very delicious and good..

Next,after a few day i 'm in kedah,my father takes my family to go to the Langkawi Islands.actually i have go to the Langkawi Islands but i went to there when i am 2 years old..so i dont remember what are the best place in langkawi because i am still a babies when i go there..i am very happy go to the langkawi last year..this is because langkawi is the best place for holiday.in langkawi,i have go the gunung mat chincang,underwater world langkawi,makam mahsuri and crocodile park..the place that i went are very good and interesting..

Selasa, 20 April 2010

hye all...yesterday is my birthday..now i am 17 years old..:-)

Khamis, 15 April 2010

I have a father who names Harun Bin Bidin.He fifty years old.He works as a policeman.My father is a kind person.He is hadworking and always busy with his work.My father still takes care of our education although he is busy.Sometimes,he will bring us for holiday or have our outdoor activities.
My mother is a pretty woman.Her name is Rohana Binti Zaury.He is thirty nine years old.She takes care all of us everyday.She is very kind and honest to us.My mother always busy to tidy and clean up the house to make us live more comfortable.She also loves to cook delicious meal.Sometimes,she will be baking some cookies for us.
My eldest brother is twenty two years old.Her name is Hazwan Bin Harun.He now studying Kolej Yayasan Melaka.He takes a degree in education.He will be a good teacher next years.He is good brother and he is very smart in her studies.
I also have a sister who is younger than me.She is Haliza Binti Harun.She is thirteen years old.She is studying in SMK Ungku Husin.She is also a librarian same with me.
My second youngest sister is Hidayah Binti Harun.She is still baby.She is two years old.She is very cute and active.
I feel very lucky and fortunate to have a family like this.I love my family....:-)


Everyone has their own family.I also have a happy and warm family.there are six member in my family.they are my father,mother,my brother,two sister and myself.My family and I live in Endau.My name is hazwani binti harun.I am seventeen years old.I am still studying in SMK Ungku Husin.Now,I am in class 5 Technology.I am a librarian in my school. Next years I have a big examination in my life.There is Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM).My favourite subject are history,English,bahasa Malaysia & sciences.My hobbies is online internet,read a history book,watching television & collecting picture.

Khamis, 8 April 2010

hi..my name is hazwani...i am new blogger here..nice to know you all...:-)

Rabu, 7 April 2010